a lone voice

reason is not enough. logic is not enough. we can reason our way logically through a matrix of falsehoods and feel wise. we must be bold, with boundless courage to challenge the orthodoxy and what has been taught as self evidently true. we must overcome our fear of being mocked and the lone voice against the crowd. truth is not what the crowd believes. what can we be certain of in this world of liars? let God be true and every human being a liar.

climate change experimental evidence please.

I demand that those claiming human-induced ‘climate change’ produce real evidence based upon true science ie empirical testing by experiment of a viable hypothesis and manipulation of an identified real independent variable as a cause for the claimed observed phenomena (‘climate change’). Consequently, this evidence must NOT be based solely upon data analysis / statistical analysis / mathematical analysis, computer modelling, presumption, presupposition, opinion, correlational or observational study.

This evidence must unequivocally demonstrate via empirical testing for cause of claimed identified effect / phenomena (‘climate change’) the following: 1. that human activity alone is a direct cause of any claimed extraordinary, significant, and permanent alteration in Earth weather (‘climate change’). 2. the time scale that was sampled in the experiment (clearly identifying the effects of human activity on Earth weather over the entirety of that period). 3. what is the determined definitive normal range variation of Earth weather and for what time scale. 4. the degree (as a percentage) for which human activity has been identified independently from all other causes as contributing as a direct cause for any extraordinary variance from this normal range of world wide weather (‘climate change’). 5. how human activity alone was controlled for and manipulated in the experiment so as to identify it as an independent variable (cause), and thus distinct from all other potential causes for the claimed phenomena (‘climate change’). 6. what OTHER potential causes (for ‘climate change’) were factored and considered, measured and tested for, or may be considered as potential causes for any extraordinary variation in Earth weather (‘climate change’) over the same stated time scale. 7. the degree to which the weather of Earth may have shifted beyond the claimed normal range regardless of the presence of humans on Earth and how this was determined (a null hypothesis).

looking at the sky

Yes you may be right. What interests me is the search for what reality is and our quest as beings placed within it to determine where we are. These particles and waves are just more bits of sand and things blowing in the winds and nobody yet has a clue. But if we say God few are happy. People want answers it’s the human thing it seems. I like to look at the sky.

dark voids

I reject the premise of a “void”. That has been a strategic hoax to engender an innate futility in man that will be our death. No, we are god’s beings dwelling in this miracle that is god’s domain. Truth has not been arrived at yet and I reject the claims of men who tell me they hold it. These men have lost and discarded god that once lived in their hearts. I will fight and I will seek or I will die. In truth we exist in light not a dark void. We must evolve now back to our true selves and not these sad shells that wander a rock in the dark.

Math lies too

The proof, if any, is in the empirical definition and determination of the objects being described mathematically. Note that the empirical work comes first. Science is about true observation and measurement. Then interpretation. Math interprets observation. To presume math proves reality is to reverse the logic and put the cart before the horse. Engineering utilizes math in empirical ways. Cosmology and astrophysics deals in abstract unsupported non-scientific mathematics. “Gravity” is itself a mathematical deception. The fact of things falling is not to be extrapolated logically to a magical universal ‘force’ which presumably forms ‘spherical planets’ and holds oceans to them in vast vacuum voids. No, that is fantasy we are asked to accept as scientific. Please point me toward the experiment which clearly demonstrates that “Gravity” holds water to a rock in a vacuum. We require thinkers now at this juncture, not mindless regurgitators and sycophants of the erroneous dogmas.”

the coming shift

You need to appreciate exactly what the Awakening is. It is not a social movement. We are speaking of a major spiritual shift and pivotal shift in our evolution, a powerful advance in consciousness. These things transpire over millenia usually. The change that is happening now is unprecedented in its unfolding. The types of changes that we see now are superficial and early stage shifts. I am speaking of a time coming that will be unrecognisable from these times. We will emerge and these times will be seen as a dark time of government control and hypnosis. We most likely will not live to see the full shift.