A Chance Encounter

The place attracted interesting people of that there was no doubt, and it appeared that it still did. the previous group who were drawn here were still unsure what those hectic frenzied months had actually been about. though they had now all moved on in their journey, most were still dazed and slightly confused. those months had a piercing intensity of the soul where those affected knew their lives had shifted in some monumental way though they were each left unable to describe precisely how or why.

They greeted each other like old lost friends though each had never set eyes on the other before – after a slice of a moment of who the fuck are you. quickly they fell into mutual stories of their lives and travels of the world. art and photography linked these men and they knew the bond of men of the world.

This was the universe and mystery at work before their very eyes once again and this meeting was serendipitous as it was intriguing.

Great things were to come

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