The Storms of Change

In turbulence particles coalesce with gentle attraction. Your ears hear the breeze calmly kick a second before your skin feels it brush your cheek. Water molecules gather and grow a million fold as they rise captive in the updraft to the clear thin atmosphere their multitude becoming cloud-mountains which billow kilometers high above. The breeze becomes the wind and all the Winds now whip and gather in speed and force. This air mass shifts, pressure drops. This system draws the energy of lesser worlds or moons.

It’s blackness dims the bracing green hills and valleys of this shivering world.

So born are the great Storms of regeneration and transformation.

Wait now calmly as you can, though you must endure the wrath of the demon of tempests which stalks this place cloaked in darkcloud and frenzied agonised ripped cursed tortured air. The Great Forests fall stripped broken and defeated. Floods fill all lowlands. Outposts, settlements, cities which once glowed brightly are wiped from the surface. Lives are lost forever in this tragedy.

The destroyer of soulless Worlds and those dark masters who have ruled them descends now upon the this world.

Rivers break banks spitting torrents of silt and filth in the black night.

But energy dissipates, and in time these skies will return to the blues you have known well. Tranquillity settles on sky and land. The land is wet, it breathes. A strange but welcome quietness is pierced by the calling birds and you breathe ozone and oxygen. The planet exhales. Frightened creatures and women, children and men stir tentatively in the dawn. Lightning punctuates lengthening intervals in bright blinding bursts. It crackles and scatters in dark like broken neon.

You see far and understand now. A new Spirit inhabits this world. A cleansing has taken place. Regeneration and a Shift of the human Mind has now come.

Eastward on the low horizon dark breaks now with the glowing ember sky and the small inner planets rise in stillness ahead of the rays of the small home Star.

Those who are here now to see shall gather and they shall know that a New Dawn has come. All spirit, life and matter here in this small world fill with the harmonic frequency of universal Love and Light.

All people shall live in the truth of love, compassion, and peace in accordance with Universal Morality.

The storm has passed.

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