Do Happy Robots Dream of Self-Service Checkouts?



It controls us.

Lose your job.

Scrap heap.

Minimum wage.

Unlivable unemployment payments.

Work for less pay with longer hours you’ll be fine Fred.

Get fined for parking ‘offenses’ 30 min over? Obey!

Insurance is a scam which preys on your fear.

Marketing is a scam which preys on your insecurities.

Law and the legal system is inaccessible and favours the elite.

Over weight? fashionable? driving the right SUV?

But someone’s getting rich don’t forget!

It’s not you.

Social injustice rises.

Families struggle and disintegrate.

Would Sir prefer to be manipulated today or coerced?

You do have a choice. We offer more choice than the others you know!

We love choice don’t we?

How free are you really? No. Think harder.

What future world for your children? Face the reality and stop dreaming of slimmer laptops and better WIFI now. Yeah ten terrabytes should just about handle the holiday snaps Honey. Huh? Oh wait! The gym wants their cash but I got 3 months free didn’t? Go to bed it’s a school night Tarquin.

Over weight? Driving the right SUV? Your shirt is outdated brother.

I found an offer you can’t refuse and it has drive thru convenience!


It’s all broken. Seriously. Yes.

Please hold the line we value your business. Choose 1 for credit, 2 for death. I thought the voice said debt. Huh? I want option 4 maybe?

You can pay for your funeral just sign here. We dug the hole yesterday.

An operator will be with you shortly. Position, position! It’s all in property if you got there first or you’re a BANK!

They make money out of thin air did you know.. I tried that and the feds want me now. The fifties were awesome. Best ink, fine fine detail. Fuck.

Maybe you’ll win the Lottery. Yeah you got a chance. Nah I’ll print money instead.

I need a drink. Hard liquor. Now another. I’m getting numb and feeling better! The wife just walked out with the kids.

What now?

My friend blew his head off last year. He was a crazy fucker. No idea. Rich dad or poor dad, those boys just want a dad who loves them. No more. Gone. Another one bites the dust and the sun still rises and the traffic grid locks at 5am.

It’s all broken. Money is a lie. They tell you its required and It’s THE ECONOMY STUPID! JOBS MAN! WE NEED GROWTH!

The world shrinks and withers. GROWTH! We’ll use GMO’s!

How long will you tolerate this?

Discontent is building globally.

Build the momentum. Talk and make conversations about change.

Think beyond the established lines and ‘accepted’ ways.

Red herrings and false dichotomies abound, LOOK OVER THERE!

see made you look.

But the TERRORISTS!!!!!!

No it’s actually not. People of the world just want to live and get along peacefully – yes we are all the same.

The time is here for the revolutionaries and the visionaries.

Listen to them. Join them.

The change is coming. Believe it.

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