time passages

time passages


He told me of these dreams he had and I thought awhile then I recalled I had those same dreams once then he paused took a deep breath and he exhaled deeply and so without words we knew each other universally as men, as human beings but more than this as beings made of the same stuff and put together the same way as though complex as infinite universes formed within skin and coursing with blood and the life force as the same as droplets in the waterfall becoming the river of Spirit again and eternal we were and just then it broke as when someone spoke and time restarted and a fraction of a fraction of time that had held eternity in a moment now dissolved back into its sea and we each returned to this our earthly world. I lit a smoke and he swirled his coffee and the room filled again with the noise of people and their conversations and their stores and their lives and the Spirits they ever drifted and the Souls would glow and await this earthly realm.

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