Devolution or Evolution?

At this juncture in human evolution, a reasonable observer would state that, with few exceptions, all of the the worlds prevalent and most pervasive social and environmental problems (such as poverty, homelessness, unemployment, exploitation of workers, personal debt and related anxiety, and in fact most human misery), is a product of a social-economic system and associated paradigms which are driven at base and in simplest terms by greed and lust for power.

The neo-liberalist coup of the modern world which has championed the self serving institutions and demi-gods of finance, global corporations ,covert political control, crony capitalism and so on, is largely responsible for the degradation of the earths biosphere and the large-scale miseries which are inflicted upon the multitudes with a purpose and design which can only be understood in terms of an pure embodiment of evil demonic psychopathy. Master minded with a ruthless genius beyond comprehension, the fact that this state of glossy chaos is maintained, condoned and defended by the masses is a colossal modern tragedy and a disappointing indictment of the actual devolution of humanity.

The time is here to awaken.

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