Another Day on Earth.

earth-from-space-high-resolution-wallpaper-1You’ve been taught the rules and shown the game and told your opinion is valuable. It’s just that you’ve worked out that the game is rigged, but surely not! I must be mistaken. My economics professor understands how it all works he aint gonna lie – and we had books that looked important…. and your education might just have been a selection of fantasy, myth and anecdote that they chose as a suitable back story. Seems watertight but I’m finding the cracks and they’re getting bigger. You do too.
Trust your gut.
The Mysterious and Always Hidden “They”:
They’re trying to make us think we have to COMPETE with each other, IT’S DOG EAT DOG SON. I watched the Olympic Games and all the kids know we just have to compete for the gold. “they” have control of information and communication and they want you to be OBEDIENT and follow the RULES BUT THEY CALL THEM LAWS NOW.
There’s the laugh track it’s time to laugh. Louder and with more FUCKING FEELING!! barks the man with the megaphone.
You will not realise for some time how manipulated and coerced you are, YOUR NEIGHBOR NEVER WILL.
How very limited you are, forget it. give it up but go get ’em tiger we need to see that you have ambition!
You will feel like you have freedom (I can watch cable and drive with the top down see and I bought a burger at midnight) and you will even back their lies and you’ll argue with dissenters (crazy bastards), there’s bills to pay and that fine you forgot, don’t park there again.
You will be convinced that this “reality” you see around your town is the only way, You will believe that the victims of this MACHINE OF LIES AND DECEPTION are at fault and clearly have personal failings making them responsible for their plight of hunger, homeless, and their reflexive inclination to breaking the rules and commit ‘crimes’. look over there! – lets blame those lazy scum – but hey do you see the bank is raking billions out of nothing and you’re working overtime to pay the interest bud?
You have come to accept blindly that the “financial system” is unchangeable like some universal constant like E = mc2 don’t you know it’s ECONOMICS! You know the ‘market’ is the obvious way for humanity and you will work and pay tax until you are elderly and the trees are dead, they taught you long ago about the ‘work ethic’, and idle hands are the devils workshop. you sat the tests and scored quite well. Best get moving, You only feel worthy when you are busy even when you never see your kids and you are happy to take two weeks holiday and you check your work emails on the beach every day. best to be a team player!
You need to fill your black-void-of-a-life with Stuff™ (batteries not included) and They even MARKET DIRECT TO YOUR SIX YEAR-OLD so they will nag you to buy finance to drive a SUV better than the neighbors and you’ll live in constant anxiety OF JUDGMENTAL SOCCER MOMS (and Kevin and Matt at work) – and the TV ‘News’ will scare you each night with assorted horrors and confected terrors and their perpetrators with strange names and a religion you don’t understand,
You are told who the enemy is by the people who control the information, MUST BE TRUE! – and the experts, they tell you ON TELEVISION it’s all true but these new Electric Cars will save the world (and we all say oooh and wow and want a new iPhone).
You will need a credit card and you’re going into debt – everybody’s doing it, Now stand to the left, reflect on what meaningless looks like, and choose your casket – we have convenient payment options and we hope you enjoyed life on planet Earth.
Have a nice day.

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