the flux capacitor

I have an old flux capacitor that my grandfather handed to me a few years back. He said at the time that it was missing some parts and I could find them in and around local industries like the meat works across town and that there was a professor of engineering who worked with Tesla who would have half a clue at the very least about the thing working again. His name was Gerald and he’d be about 105 now.. I’ve had it in a bread tin for about 25 years and it’s got a little corrosion on the bottom of it for some reason but no where else thankfully. I’d rate it in fair condition – apart from the fact it don’t actually work.

If anyone knows the approximate whereabouts of that old engineer I’d be all ears. I turned up at the address Granddad wrote on a paid electricity bill in 1986 but turns out the old place got torn down a couple of years ago and now there’s a red brick brothel and car park across the road. So that was pointless.

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