In your pain we stand beside you Brother

(written for a broken guy from a guy who has been broken)

We your brothers understand. Many of us have been where you stand now, some still are. At times We all fear being alone. We seek to be loved. We grieve not just death. Your grief now is real and the depth of your despair is understood. We bend until we break. Be gentle on your heart and comfort your soul.

Some have weathered these storms of pain and loss. They saw that as days and moons passed this pain and loss was part of a larger more important journey. They came to know in their hearts that they have a greater purpose to seek and fulfil. They have seen that hard times are a preparation.

Through the trials of this life We come to appreciate and know what being human truly is. In the days ahead and as you now reflect and watch the Stars and feel the warm Sunlight and the breeze on your face, know that you are gaining insight and wisdom.

Take breath. Now. Again. Your thoughts gain strength now and in time your energy will rise.

Your life is a wondrous miracle.

Breathe deeply. Rest.

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