Change is a’coming!

The day is approaching when citizens of the world must stand up to police and so-called “security forces”. Civil disobedience must soon begin systematically and with directed and coordinated leadership.
The people number millions to billions by nation and continent, the elite and their forces are minuscule but yet hold dominion with false claims to authority, “law” and guns.
It is predominantly bluff. Yet the people live in fear.
Understand that Rule of Law is a lie. In ALL nations Law maintains degrees of hierarchy, class, oppression and social control. Democracy is a lie. The people have held no actual power to face megalomaniac politicians and corporations​.
We aim to alter this inequity.
The people are Awakening. A critical global population mass is sought. Real change will then come. It will not be an easy process. It will feel like revolution at times. It will be greater, it will be evolution.
War must end finally.
Poverty must end finally.
Prosperity must flourish across the globe finally.
Military-Industrial complex must be dismantled finally.
Systems destructive to Earth’s biosphere must cease finally.
All people of all nations must be truly free as individuals who hold self-sovereignty as Awakened evolved sapient beings (not government, bureaucracy, collectives nor corporations)
As human consciousness evolves natural sustainable, cooperative harmonic solutions to ALL current human issues of social and environmental nature will emerge and gain momentum and take root.
A new era for humanity on Earth shall start.
Let us begin.

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