Yeah I’ve dealt with this video game analogy before. I have some reservations with these kind of analogues eg hologram universe – that being that it is tenuous at best as is ANY attempt to explain away the inexplicable. humans simply are pond scum in the scheme of the cosmic menagerie. we got some ground to make up if we get that far. so in the middle ages they had analogues that made sense to them in that world / period, they had no holograms nor video games so that precluded any description of the cosmos to that analogy. we do so we do make that link. this seems a vague way to describe the cosmos. next on my pet peeves list is the politics of modern science and its biases which tend to centre on pre-established and group think accepted theory. which in turn sets up a dangerous path dependency of logic and narrative which essentially negates and ignore outliers and anomalies. UFOs, paranormal and the like get scant attention in fact ridicule. you get the idea. fixation with material reductionist (Large Hadron Collider) is increasingly absurd and obsessional. Nobody has the faintest CLUE wtf this realm is – this is the GOD HONEST TRUTH OF IT.

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