Already Gone – A Message

already gone
All existing world political systems and paradigms constitute a major part of the problem and impending crisis for humanity. Despite populist conventional rhetoric, the reality is that nothing of significance will change and powerful forces of vested interest act to maintain status quo. So much effort of the well intentioned is ineffectual and time wasted on piecemeal ‘solutions’. Real answers to all significant and pressing issues for humanity are not to be found on the same old worn path.
Action is required.
With the ensuing mass Awakening of humanity will come the advent of a new era for the human species. In turn, the initiatation of a new developmental phase will begin, of effective sustainable solutions based on prescience, wisdom, and the prudential application of advanced technology. This will be combined with insightful understanding of all consequences, and done in a spirit of cooperation by following the guiding principles of elegant simplification, harmony, truth, and universal love.
This era of enlightenment will transpire globally with new-found simplicity in consensus and harmony occurring within brief intervals thus enabling worldwide providential changes to be implemented with coherent efficiency mitigating or neutralising all adverse potentialities.
This course is the only way forward for humanity.
Disregard conventional paradigms. Listen now to new voices.
All mainstream information networks collude to weaken and ridicule those who would bring the true and effective solutions to your pressing global dilemmas. Real and decisive concerted cooperative action is now required across all global spheres in order to avert an impending catastrophic abrupt climate change and imminent mass global extinction of most life forms.
Please consider the implications very carefully.
Action is imperative. Seek the Light.

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