What is Real Anymore?

Humans have a tendency to needlessly interpret and over think most things in a cognitive biased preference for complexity over simplicity. They can be easily persuaded and manipulated to wilfully dim and distort the simplicity of truth and light. They ascribe layers of projected self serving opinion dressed as policy, convention and orthodox law. The self appointed unjustified masters race to sanction and rule the unknowing multitudes whilst amassing obscene wealth through class exploitation inequity and conflict in complexity through fear and the normalising of generalised global social discord.
Elegant eternal universal truths designed to serve humanity as guiding principles become obscured and endlessly frayed wrought warped and amalgamated into distortions of now long lost beautiful harmonic truths. These distortions are packaged as product and spun into the social control mantras slogans and war cries of the deranged and demented, and the despots and the dictators.
Wondrous sapient beings alive with magic spirit and the spark of divine energy with hearts and minds and dreams unlimited surrendered devolving into obedient broken-willed programmed economic consumer units. They know their role is to aspire to consume brands and product. They automatically pursue work for wages, pay tax to government, and live in fear of poverty and debt. They are grateful to their captors for the Rule of Law, the grand lie of Democracy, Information, Science, and the mainstream delusion of personal agency and a social world they believe is the only possible manifestation of reality.

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