Yeah ok it’s flat.

I can take a short drive from my home to a lovely beach with a headland and lighthouse on it. I can look across and see over a bay inlet about a mile of water and across to an opposing headland. I continue my gaze over ocean and I see the coastline recede into far distance. I’ve driven around to those parts and know very well the mountains there. Now from my position back on the headland I’m looking across and those mountains recede over the curvature of the planet. Similarly does the coastline diminish to a vanishing point. I’ve watched distant ships come over the far horizons and I notice the highest parts appear long before the lower plimsolls. I’ve photographed the moon through a high power telephoto lens to see in high resolution the shadow shaded globe and it’s three dimensional curved surface of craters. The Earth and the heavenly bodies are clearly spherical. I propose that the heads of them that claim otherwise are mostly disturbed flattened cones.

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