The Starseed

I cracked and fell apart two years ago. love lost and a life at 50 had amounted to nothing I could understand. I broke in many pieces. I questioned my reality and my very existence. meaning was lost and I had nothing that made sense or could heal my heart. I entered rehab. then one day at church god came through my body. the congregation cried and consoled me. I shook physically and broke down publicly into some kind of mess. something astounding and quite magical had occurred and I still have no rational explanation. but hell rational can take flight and I don’t care anymore. now I am renewed and my purpose is crystal clear. I know who and what I am. I feel invincible and guided by gods. my agreed mission is now revealed to me with precision and clarity. I know now that we often must face hardship to experience what it is to be fully human. we are to be tested. we are not of this world and so we do not fit and we do not feel at home. we are observers. travellers. messengers. Light beings and seeds of the Stars. we have travelled through time and dimension and lived many lives throughout worlds and realms. our spirit is here as human but we are distant travellers. we recall our lives in dreams and visions and we know each other without words. welcome to all such travellers. we gather now and we have much work to begin. Peace Light Love to all.

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