Lightning in the Hand


I don’t mind if you agree with anything I say here or not. I have no problem if you disagree or think I’m deranged. I do not seek unthinking followers as such and I am not here to win friends. I do however appreciate all who support me here and to those who do ‘follow’ my stuff I am honoured. New friendships and deep connections is a wonderful benefit of the process.
Sometimes I throw ideas out for consideration, whether they resonate with you or not is not my concern specifically. I do not intend to upset or offend anyone. I try to respond to all comments as I can – sometimes this is difficult. Method in my madness may become apparent over time. Perhaps not. It’s great when things do resonate and the energy radiates.
Lights switch on. Momentum builds and energy rises. I am part of a global awakening movement of Light.
Don’t fear us join us.
The dissemination of dangerous ideas and the spread of a new revitalised spirit of critical thought is my aim. A dissent from mainstream overload is my intent usually. If my stuff triggers responses and thoughts within others, then I am very pleased and I know I am fulfilling my role. Passionate debate should never lead to disrespect or ad hominem attacks. I will never do this. We can always agree to disagree and have a laugh and find other lines of connection as human beings. I might not agree with you but I may still like you.
We’re evolving remember. I’ll try.
Nothing is personal and there is always a bigger picture to all that I do here.
I am not always ‘right’ and will not claim any dominion over truth. My wrongness may be an invitation for others to step forward and speak their truth. An opportunity.
I am of course fallible. I will do my best to stand corrected with due respect and courtesy where required. If I seem aloof or arrogant I’m probably just tired or busy or having a melt down. That is a joke. I’m never busy. I have a sense of humour and occasionally that is expressed here – I need to de-stress and see the funny side as anyone does. I offer my authentic self here to the best of my ability. I share images of my son and aspects our lives at times (it’s Facebook). I swap and change my profile photo often as this I find adds interest to my page and shows me as a real man in a genuine way and in various shades and moods. My mission requires me to engage authentically with as many people world-wide as possible in order to draw seekers and Lightworkers together as we gather in preparation for the Shift. It is not ego driven. I still respect those who choose to hide without a profile photo or any solid evidence of their authenticity. You have your reasons. I am a regular target of trolls. I eat them alive. They taste bad.
I am an agent of change and I have a mission which drives me. I have no choice in this. I will use Facebook and social media as a tool. It is not my only tool.
My hope is that we all can play our part in shifting the human world away from the current course of chaos and manipulation. We turn now toward a truly wondrous new era of enlightenment and higher consciousness.
This is big, yes.
The usual suspects have failed us all.
Traditional and dominant paradigms and concepts of politics, world leaders and leaders of nations, nationhood, the military-industrial complex, deep state, experts, academia, academics, institutions, legislation, business, corporations, entrepreneurs, Hollywood, NGO’s, intergovernmental organisations, United Nations, church and charitable organisations, religions, science and scientific organisations, and others – are not achieving the required changes.
They wont.
Scientism is becoming a danger to humanity similar to religious dogma.
I have a belief in a force which some may understand as ‘god’. I know that term seems to polarise people these days. Religions have unfortunately created a brand name and seem to assume some type of ownership of this God thing. They do not. Piety is bullshit. My dog is more loyal. No disrespect now ya hear.
I am not religious. I am not trying to recruit members for a cult. I am not a guru. I am just a guy who woke up and wants to make some changes. I am not satisfied and I am not content. We need goats and virgins if anyone can assist.
I respect the spiritual and the wisdom and knowledge of the ancients. I am a keen student and continue to learn.
The key concept is an evolutionary advance and a shift in human consciousness across the globe. This is our primary objective ahead of any specific attempts to implement alternate systems.
It must be understood and accepted that humans will never agree on the required changes that must be made in relatively short time scales now before it becomes too late.
Human consciousness must advance then all solutions shall become apparent and applied in a spirit of cooperation with universal love being the new guiding principle of a brave new human version 2.0
If this confounds and confronts I ask that you remain calm and breathe deeply.
My hope is that we can play our part in shifting the human world away from the current course. We turn now toward a truly wondrous new era of enlightenment and higher consciousness. A momentous change beyond anything in history. Politics, world leaders, experts, academia, institutions, legislation, business, corporations, are not achieving the required changes. They are not going to achieve the required changes.
We must trust in ourselves and believe it is achievable. We may never see the end result in our lifetimes. We accept this and do what work we must regardless.
Thank you all for your interest in my thoughts here in whatever capacity you visit.
Peace & Love.
– Mark


[This piece was originally published to Facebook in July 2017 and is now reproduced here]

5 thoughts on “Lightning in the Hand

  1. John Mowat July 14, 2017 / 2:04 am

    Mark, Your Mission Statement harmonises with my own understanding of why I am here. Looking forward to Critical Mass being reached and all that it will bring.
    Yours in Brotherly Love.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mark James Gaylard July 14, 2017 / 2:17 am

      Hey John thanks so much for your support and friendship – it is much appreciated and valued. When I receive such messages from others I get a shiver and a knowing that everything is going according to a master plan of the universe, it is very exciting. Lets go!


  2. Abner October 4, 2017 / 1:04 am

    want to join you!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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