Beyond being a person of good intent

I try to maintain a positive outlook and countenance – and mostly succeed in this in my daily life. Being a better person and bringing a positivity into your world is of course a requirement and in your best interests generally speaking. The law of attraction is in play.
Beyond this I do however have a specific mission which I am committed to and the main thrust of it is to assist in a global rapid evolutionary shift in human consciousness – effectively creating the new advanced human. A critical mass of global population is the aim. Rapid changes must now come to this world and to it’s higher beings. Politics and traditional institutions and forums of human policy are ineffective, controlled, manipulated, and redundant.
A New Era
The time is here for a new way, a new era for humanity. There is no other way at this point. There are some here now who will lead and assist in this process and guide where necessary. This process will not be televised, it will not be promoted or discussed in mainstream news media. It will not be a “protest”, and it will not be a “social movement”. It is currently underway. Things are happening as they have been planned. Fear not.
It is evolutionary not revolutionary
Humans perpetually seek politics, debate, argument, quarrel and dispute. Complexity hypnotises them and their own technology is becoming their undoing. Nothing changes Or else change comes too late. Fundamental paradigms rarely shift. People ask me regularly about “how” it will be implemented, and “what are my alternative systems and ideas”, and so on. They want a road map to nirvana. They want answers to hard question humanity faces.
Naturally, they are humans.
The problem however is that “answers” are not the solution. You will see the downward spiral already forming. Look about. Read the “news”. You see chaos and despair growing. Politics and endless debate loom again.
War is on the horizon.
Look upward to the sky and see the Stars now.  They beckon.

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