It’s our time Warriors

I sense despair and contempt from many enlightened toward the apparent boundless mindless ignorance and gullibility of the “masses” regarding their ever-deepening enslavement to a system that will devour them with a smile.

I sense an exhausted futility wearing down the bearers of Light.

Here is our test, and we shall be tested.

In these times of tragedy and crisis emotion and passion take hold.

But I cannot stop this feeling that this creeping disdain for “ignorant stupid humanity” which many are feeling is exactly what “They” want.

It’s divide and conquer all over again. Be vigilant at each turn. Be measured in response. Watch, wait, consider all aspects.

There is always more than meets the eye.

Do not play ‘Their’ game. Avoid conflict and confusion – it serves no good purpose. You know something of the forces we must contend with. Stand up now Warriors. This is your time.

The People are lost that is for certain. But they are routinely lied to and manipulated by the very ones who claim to “be in control”, and “tell us the facts”. This modern money and power crazed rational scientific world of bureaucracy and banks has created poor confused consumer drones unsure what to think or HOW to think anymore. I cannot blame them entirely.

Of course we must always take responsibility for ourselves in action and thought – and so some of us with powers of intellect, or whatever magic sees through the Matrix, we do and we try. We have a duty to wake them and do what we can. We elders have a responsibility to the young. We must show strength now in hard times and gain energy and momentum in our fearless, persistent mission to enlighten this sad world and lead like true elders and seers.

Anything less is now a disservice to the poor and weak, the youth, and the children – and to the future of humanity. Make no mistake we stand now at the crux.

These times are critical. Our measured determined, positive response is crucial.

Shine brightly now – all of you.

In Unity We Become One.



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