Slightly discombobulated on the Moon



CAPCOM: Apollo 11 this is Houston. Over. / Neil: Roger that Houston. We want to report all cameras are out of focus as instructed. Also LEM cardboard cladding is buckled and pealing off. Thumb tacks falling out. Request you send some duct tape ASAP. Over. / CAPCOM: Roger. Stand by. We’re working on a solution fella’s. Over. / Neil: Fuck. / CAPCOM: Ok look, Peter and Percy from Set Decoration have agreed to raise a Purchase Order for a crate of duct tape from Home Depot. Over. / Neil: Roger that Houston and thumbs up boys. One more thing Houston. Grab me a Carlsberg. Over. / Houston: Roger that Apollo 11. Houston is happy to assist. We are go for beer. Over. / Neil: That’s one giant relief for a man in a spacesuit boys! Over. / CAPCOM: This is Houston. We copy. Now get back to work slackers. Over. / Neil: We Copy. Up yours. Over.

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