On Stigma.

Some play the game, some don’t.
Why is it that those who really push life’s limits and fall hard are made to feel like failures in society?
Others are quick to judge and preach their own “superior morals”.
Unthinking family, friends, and so-called loved ones feel “shame” and say they’re “let down” by the “failed” one. You – and It kicks you in the gut over and over.
What of the standard scripted narratives of accepted success? You couldn’t keep a “meaningful” relationship? You could never hold down a job?
You resented meaningless work and dull-witted “managers”? You were crippled with anxiety at job interviews? You didn’t make enough money? You couldn’t handle the madness of 9 to 5? You just never did get your act together and be like the happy robots? Your parents couldn’t afford to educate you? You caved in to drugs or alcohol? (which is a drug – just conveniently legal and available on every second corner, like meth, but with advertising), Your family was afflicted by the scourge of poverty?
“We expected more from you!”
“How could you!”
“You’ve let your parents down you know!”
Do you notice it’s all about them and their expectations? It’s their moralistic self righteousness stance – as if they alone have the secret key to life. As if they have some superior right to cast their judgement on another human being who is just trying to make their way through this bewildering experience we call life.
Rich dad, poor dad – maybe dad just tried his hardest and got stomped on by the boots of rich dad up the ladder. We all have little mouths to feed.
Poor dad loves his kids too. At least he had the guts to tell the boss to go fuck himself. Rich dad lives a life of quiet desperation as he sails his yacht alone and loves his son who hates him.
It’s a story – use your imagination. Is it life?
There really is no instruction book.
No not even those ‘holy’ books which no doubt hold keys to wisdom, and these may guide us at times. But don’t forget it’s your fucking adventure and God doesn’t want puritans. That’s not why we’re put here.
We cannot live a life from following instructions in a book.
So just live your life your way. Write your own story in your allotted time upon this mortal coil. We never know the end date.
Blood, sweat and tears and we scream at the walls and we ache for love.
Do no harm, and if you must, let it be yourself – if that is your course. Make no mistake, I am not defending victim based criminality – but rather highlighting a need for vigilance to the lie of democracy and of this man-made enslavement system we call “legislation”.
To be “illegal” is not always to be criminal. Think.
So learn from your fuck ups and wise up. That is the point and at least you discovered it for yourself.
Moments are golden and time is the essence.
I’m on the side of the failed and the broken, the lost and the lonely, the outsiders and addicts.Those harmless sad deviants and misfits afflicted by this distorted world’s sickness. It’s they who feel the barbed lash of stigma as it hits their flesh. How dare they fuck it up.
How dare they not play the fools game of money, snakes and ladders?
There’s some who are but tourists in life’s great adventure who think they’re above the misfits. An easy ride, just don’t buck the system – obey and follow the rules. So they toss the dirty homeless guy a coin and sleep soundly in a house the bank owns and donate to a charity run by a millionaire and be done with it. Then call him a lazy scumbag as they battle the traffic en route to the office that’s killing their souls and stealing their life.
It’s their own fault! Be normal like us or die trying to escape. Get a job. Because jobs is what humanity needs. Like ants they protect the queen.
Charity teams up with the the privileged psychopaths in charge to smooth the bumps out of capitalism. Make it all shiny and marketable before the wheels fall off then patch the holes in the rust.
Life’s for those who live not for timid followers of fashion and laws.
Wisdom will be the gift to those who dared to live a life of authenticity. They know some secrets now. They may be the truest spirits that our beings can be.
Our souls journey onward.

7 thoughts on “On Stigma.

  1. gus December 15, 2017 / 2:26 am

    • Is there something wrong with having a job?
    • Is there something wrong with having money?
    • Are charities all corrupt?
    • Which particular laws or legislation cause you a problem?


    • Mark James Gaylard December 15, 2017 / 9:22 am

      Yes Gus, all of the above. Money is a lie.”legislation” and “law” is the bars on your cage.


  2. gus December 15, 2017 / 3:00 pm

    OK, just so we are clear:

    • Nobody should have a job
    • Nobody should have any money
    • All charities without exception are corrupt
    • All laws or legislation should be abolished

    Quite reasonable.


  3. gus December 16, 2017 / 11:34 pm

    What have you evolved into?


      • gus December 21, 2017 / 10:52 pm

        One with no money and no job, it would seem


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