an update

Your sense of urgency is admirable and quite understandable warrior.
It is however critically important to set priorities – in times of urgency this becomes even more heightened. Now is not the time for recklessness or prematurely ill-advised response or action. You must realise the high probability of inevitable futility and failure of such response and recognise that one step must come before any other.
We seek a critical mass of global human population to Awaken and begin their activation for evolutionary change of consciousness. This is possible now in relatively short time scales owing to human adaptability and the extent of technology to transfer and transmit energy, frequency, and information.
This era is the first time in human history that such rapid evolutionary change could be attempted realistically.
So we begin with the thought, Thought is energy which creates matter. This is the only way matter can be created. Thus, in short, thought creates worlds.
Let it now begin.
Hold your course and direct that energy carefully – your unique skills are required in this mission.

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