Desperate times

I’m not getting any younger.
I found out a couple of years ago that the things that were pleasing me were actually hurting me. Not real smart. You know the story, the ones I chased were the ones I couldn’t get…
Now the pain and hunger have driven me home – but freedom, well you know, that’s just some people talking. I can tell you that prison is walking through this world all alone.
But I need to come to my senses! The truth is, the queen of hearts is my best bet. I learned my lesson the hard way. The queen of diamonds has me beat – yeah she won that game. No more. I’m done.
It’s started raining here now and look at that! There’s a rainbow out my window. It’s so close I could touch it! It’s so beautiful. It gets so cold here in the winter time.
The sky won’t snow and the sun won’t shine and and it gets hard to tell the night time from the day. One day I realised I’ve been losing all my highs and lows.
I guess I’d better let somebody love me – before its too late lol.
It’s funny how the feeling goes away…
[** I should come clean and say that I owe a debt to The Eagles and their classic song, ‘Desperado’ for the inspiration with this 🙂 **]

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