The Seed

25980227668_28db577581_kHumans are not yet advanced along their evolutionary path in regards to consciousness, to even know what questions to ask of this cosmic game of reality.

Seemingly drifting alone in the darkness of an infinite void, they experience a deep fear. They begin an ongoing attempt to ease this fear. Thus they seek patterns and construct abstract frameworks and paradigms, they ascribe layers of meaning to all of it and label aspects of what they call “nature” with human symbolic representation or “language”. Humans construct a version of reality at any given moment which fits to their existing patterns. Then they consolidate this with each step as they advance their “knowledge”. A path of dependency upon prior accepted belief is formed.

Humans are so very immersed in what they sense as reality that they have placed great faith in “institutions” of their own design. Institution arises to consolidate aspects of reality which humans have, in time placed greater value upon for many reasons and via a multitude of influences. These include notions of “social power”, and “authority”. This value is not necessarily correlated to any notion or semblance of an hypothetical “universal truth”. Science is one such institution.

Science has held dominion and dominated human verity of truth in the world for a great period of the modern era. It’s influence on what humans consider truths of existence and experience has become widespread. It has assumed a superiority of validity which is unfounded. It has become authoritative over public policy in most areas of human activity. “Laws of nature” have been defined and enshrined within institution. It’s canons have morphed to dogma, and alternate ideas or non “scientific” phenomena (not fitting into existing frameworks) is routinely ignored, distorted, not published, quashed, mocked, and ridiculed. Alternate opinion is stigmatised with condescending self righteousness, “pseudo science” (literally “false” science) as though all things must be validated by a ‘science stamp of approval’ in order to be given credibility. Individual proponents of alternative ways of understanding existence are similarly ignored and discredited. This trend is accelerating amongst human society globally. This is not conducive to the evolutionary path which humans must take in order to survive as a species.

Certain aspects and information collected and analysed by scientific method do, nevertheless, hold a validity, and are a worthwhile and useful tool with a legitimacy well enough to guide. However, dogmatic claim or presumption of universal truth must cease. Institutional dogma, orthodoxy, and unquestioning blind following obedience to authority must cease.

The myth of authority must be finally exposed.

New ways must be sought. Existing systems must end.

Open minds are now required. Critical thinking is now required. Discernment must be implemented in all matters. Rather than cultural and flawed notions of “intelligence”, a shift of human consciousness itself must begin now in small steps of change. It must be sparked in localised regions and expand through global networks. Leaders must now step up. You are required to guide and light the path for the uncertain and the fearful. Distributed small local networks shall form and connect globally. The shift will be disregarded by mainstream. It will be independent of usual authority, government, and social controls and influence such as mainstream media. It will thus be assumed by most thinking people to be stagnated, or perhaps just a fanciful fiction of New Age dreamers.

This is not the case. It grows now. The seed is sewn.

It must radiate as energy in harmonic resonance. The shift is not revolution. It is evolution. It will be an expression of Universal Love, the principles of which guide all advanced sentient beings. It must gather a momentum, it must awaken and enlighten a critical mass of human global population. At the point this critical mass occurs, something miraculous will transpire.

Humanity shall take a step forward on the true path of their evolutionary journey through the cosmic game.

All solutions shall become emergent.

This is the only way forward.

There are no other answers.

Tell your children.


[image: ‘stillness’. My son Jackson, January 2018]

2 thoughts on “The Seed

  1. Kunter666 February 22, 2018 / 1:15 pm

    What is the miraculous thing that will happen?


    • Mark James Gaylard February 22, 2018 / 2:32 pm

      Hey there Mr. Kunter, thanks for your query. You may note that the paragraph following on from the one which mentions the “miraculous thing”, states clearly; “Humanity shall take a step forward on the true path of their evolutionary journey through the cosmic game.”

      That could be it.


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