How and why did you awaken?

Not many ask this of me. I will respond as concisely as possible. I have been very aware of the fact that I am not from here since I was about five years old. No, I am not a nut. I have been driven all my life with a need to record this world – so I became a photographer. This forms a part of my mission to report and record as a “fair witness”. Approximately two years ago I suffered a complete break down and ended up in a rehab unit. Whilst in care I had a profound and very public “spiritual awakening” (other’s were witness to this). I say that I felt “god” come through my body, but in no “Christian” sense do I mean it. Since this time I have felt a significant sense of being “activated” (from relatively dormant). I have reached a point in my life at which my varied education and professional and personal experience have culminated and distilled in me to enable a particular self confidence of knowledge, opinion, and forthright attitude to flow out of me without fear. I know that I have a mission and a purpose. It seems programmed within my psyche. At risk of appearing a loon, (again I have no fear), I know that I receive regular “downloads” whilst sleeping. I feel instructed. Often times, words and ideas seem now to flow from my subconscious in ways I cannot explain. Yet it all fits to a plan and I have no choice (nor would I want to deny the mission). I remain committed and focused. I sense in others a similar progression – or else a desire to know, a curiosity and a need to gain confidence. Thus I have a clear role in leadership. I take this very seriously. Great changes are coming to earth and humanity. They must. It is inevitable. We are Starseeds and Lightworkers – truly, not in any “New Age” sense. WE are the true Ones.

Take it or leave it.

It makes no difference to me.

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