Fall and you will be caught

To proceed into unknown territory in which the legends of ages had always been quick to strike terror through hearts of young innocent children and men and women in the long telling o’ tales o’ the Daemons evil and of the Dracaenae, and then too the Spectres slimy that watch eager for new naive victims and what roam deep and lurk foul.
To proceed beyond safe havens of golden pastures and the well-travel’d roads to get there again and over again, yes to go here where it is certain there be Daemons and Unknown Certain Awful Torture’d Death of Lingering Pain With Sufferance, to face these imagin’d horrors is to actually become the truest Warrior. A Warrior with lions heart and fools fearlessness. Yet all the while a Warrior in the knowing of a very special kind of ethereal knowing that cannot be argued via the standard summulae logicales, collected schematics nor the known charts, nor even recipes or Stars as you know them, or of anything already known. It is a Knowing that only old mad alchemists ever dared and whispered prior, and not in any way known to those others of old beliefs with mans’ invented truth and their pillars of orthodoxy behind them. Then also to those magistrates and legislators of the land that hold reign of dominion over the fabled tall stories that are told, taught, and enacted, it is not their knowing at all.
Yes, to proceed beyond here must surely be a brave leap of faith and without any fears of falling, of failing, or of any other imagined horrors of some grisly twisted gruesome demise.
So now these Warriors assembled who can bravely, fearlessly fall or fail become the new heroic explorers bold and resolute with intent. They who now become liberators of the Servant, the Serf and the Slave alike, and whom then become loyal champions of the people far and wide, as a new story is so told of this band of visionaries devoted of Earth, these Warrior leaders of the people and of all those meek who had been previously oppress’d and frightened.
Warriors Awake now and come forward confidently for there is much work to be done!
So onward now they guide and be guided safely through those dark’d places and come presently into the brightest new fields of crystal which had always just laid in nurturing warmth and Light never far beyond the old places all the while.
We come now to understand that with a unity of all humanity through fraternity and with a determined faith in Light and Universal Love, that courage grows and so in sequence comes an evolution of empowering liberation, and a guided return to the true path that leads you ever onward and as was always and ever, divinely lit.
Fall now fearlessly and you shall be caught. We gather, be a gatherer.


One thought on “Fall and you will be caught

  1. thaissa gorberg August 17, 2018 / 9:17 pm

    the long process of discovering the unknown….lifes and all its misterys that we have no clueç
    but in a way, not knowing everything , but getting to do t along in time, maybe at the right time perhaps, because we learn with experience or studying, and that never ends, we will always have mote and more to learn, because we are alaways evolving constatly, exponenantly, and most people of my, our generation as I can imagine by what I see in here in your bio, arent that used to adapt themselves to all the constant changes around us, in all sort of matters…and thats a huge skill to us, human beings in this planet nowadays…
    but nevertheless, the unkoknown its still something that can be also intriguing as well, everything thats just too plain vanilla, usually seems boring to most people, but theres always gonna be the public for that to…diversity in that way is great , and we are able to choose what we prefer and what we dont, thats our right, its our personal choices, its part of what makes us unique…yes, fear is part of the men, its inside us to prevent us to not harm ourselves in all sort of ways…but it cant be present when we have to take important decsions and take over us not allowing to , as you said, take the leap of faith, wich is a must…and thats a very well point that , I have been seeing lately people refraining themselves from that , exactly that. even towards another person ,someone they might care abouit for example, sometimes in our lives our past left us so many bad experiences that we close ourselves to new ones, without actually realizaing that much…the misterious path of life…the walk of life!!


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