On change and feeling all at sea

Everyone needs to feel grounded. The feeling of imbalance and uncertainty underlies anxiety and distress. This fear holds most people within sphere’s of belief similar to a “comfort zone”.

People will ironically, accept and endure much hardship in order to stay within their sphere. Indeed this fundamental behavioral aspect of humans is the basis of all their institutions, culture, and doctrine.

Humans will defy advocates of change and these agents of change risk a charge of heresy, insanity, and worse.

Human history is predominantly tales of supremacism of paradigm and doctrine and the “civilizations” which won.

As humans have become increasingly inured to this material realm and allowed materialism to hold dominion over their thinking, they have inversely lost the ability to understand and perceive transcendental experience or spiritual phenomena.

Religion such that it is (with some exceptions), has falsely filled a void in people for the spiritual connection. In this, it has deceived and exploited and partnered with forces of materialism to engender fear more than love.

Continued indifference and acceptance of this situation is to further stray from the enlightened path of evolutionary advancement.

3 thoughts on “On change and feeling all at sea

  1. Robert May 15, 2018 / 1:48 pm

    How can I proceed on the ‘enlightened path of evolutionary advancement’?


    • Mark James Gaylard May 15, 2018 / 2:27 pm

      Relax, stay as open minded as you can. be a critical thinker, see through the lies of society. remain true to your heart. the rest will follow. in all of this remember that what is simple is true. it is not complex or complicated. complexity has been used to disorientate and confuse people in the past. as we awaken we will gather strength and things will become clearer.

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      • thaissa gorberg August 17, 2018 / 9:32 pm

        I woulnd say necesarely critical thinker, I think that critics are something that we need to discourage in the society,… thinkers are a must, we all have to be like that. at our most, I woul just say ,in my poin of view, non judmental, because as you said it yourself, theres already too much making people confuser , so they wont benefit of that sort of vision of them;.. regarding everything else, I agree with everything


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