So… global revolt or what?

I just want to add something I feel is important. This issue highlights the great problem of “answer / alternative system versus true solution”. My philosophy is one of adopting the fundamental realisation that ‘answers’ to individual and specific current and potential human systemic dysfunction will be futile until human consciousness itself begins to advance in an evolutionary shift.
Humans squabble and politicise everything and so any potential alternatives will tend be quashed and or diminished within existing socio-political power structures. Inaction or compounding of issues will always ensue. We may witness this effect now daily in human affairs. This “solutions rather than answers” philosophy can appear frustratingly passive to the political traditionalist and the”activist”, but yet it will prove to be the only truly effective method of achieving positive, lasting, effective, and satisfactory solutions to all global human issues. As an example, I will not sign petitions any more since I believe they are ultimately ineffective and are nothing more than an appeal to the masters / rulers who form a basis of the problem itself. ‘Voting’ is a similarly ineffective long-term method for achieving fundamental change of the kind humanity now requires.
Fundamental shifts must now begin in the very way we are expressing our humanity as a species. Things can seem overwhelming and futility can cause anxiety, burn-out, and general negativity even within the ‘awakening community’. Importantly we must continue our work and focus on building momentum, on leadership and the imparting of clear and definitive values of truth, equity, and ethics. Leadership and outspoken yet eloquent speakers of reason will become the leaders who are becoming the global catalysts for a wave of consciousness change. Realise too that in all reality, things will get worse yet before the upswing can occur. More and more ordinary people are confronting the wall that society has become and are gaining a realisation that change is needed.
There is a groundswell which is rising and feeding the rapidly expanding world-wide consciousness shift / awakening movement. We must embrace and utilise the Internet and social media in every way we can and see the advent of this technological tool at this juncture in history, as the timely and incredibly powerful miracle that it is in terms of giving the mass of ordinary humans around the world access to alternative thought, the networking ability and in the sharing of new ideas. YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites are becoming invaluable tools. Others will evolve.
The Internet is very new to humanity and much potential and yet lays undiscovered. Synergies are taking place and there will be emergent effects which will assist humans to unify. We need intellectual, subversive, and iconoclastic thinkers now to step forward. Divergent thinking must be maintained and an openness to truly innovative thought and ideas – in all spheres of human endeavour.
Hold faith, believe, for we create that which we give our attention to as sentient spiritual beings. This coming change will be evolutionary not merely revolutionary. We here on Earth now who are agents of change will be the advance guard who may not live to see the full effect of our work. It takes some time to alter worlds. But our children will have watched and learned and gathered the threads we weaved and so our greatest legacy will be to have inspired them, given them hope, and empowered them.
Then we can be confident and cease our anxiety, in the knowledge that with the new human consciousness taking charge of the world, the solutions to everything will have simply evolved.
Namaste and peace to all.

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