Flat Earth

Humans need a shake up of their foundations. In every way possible. Flat Earth does that. Watch how it separates the types of thinkers. It’s fascinating.

People get so worked up and passionate – and all over a thing so accepted as a given that it seems absurd, laughable, stupid.

“Everybody knows it’s round retard!” they shout on the YouTube threads as they bay for blood and cast out the heretics.

The actual truth is that nobody really knows. Everything about this phenomenon is intriguing.

It’s a precursor of things to come. It matters of course what the truth of it is, and the implications of a grand lie on this level would be unfathomable.

But in a sense the real test is siimply in the way people approach such “attacks” on their basic beliefs. Right or wrong isn’t the issue – it is the willingness to listen to new information and remain open minded but critical – which will be of importance. Most people seem to have a burning need to justify their beliefs and to “prove” their superiority and command of truth.

Dangerous ways indeed.

Expect your world to be shaken to pieces soon – over more than just the shape of the planet.

Hold on tight. Free thinking brave souls with critical mind’s and love and faith in their hearts will do well as we go forward now.



The implications of a collasal lie upon the people would be monumental if the truth were that it is indeed flat – of this there is no question. it is a fundamental humans hold as accepted and known. it is in the detachment from this “safety zone of the known” which will be critical as we go forward.

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