calm your mind

calm your mind

visualise a serene place

in your mind you see it

see yourself there now

imagine that the air is pure, the water is pure, the food is pure, the people are pure and good, they love each other, everything is healthy, everything is clean, everyone is calm, everyone is kind, everyone is related and they do not compete, they cooperate with one another.

it requires no technology, no money.

no time as we know it here.

it is not a miracle, this is normal, it is not supernatural, it is natural.

it is not a dream and yet it is a dream.

This world we inhabit here now is a nightmare.

Our Souls, our Spirits create through the waves of consciousness that we generate, and those patterns are formed based on the images our imagination projects onto the Cosmos, that is where the wave patterns that we generate, manifest.

You have this choice.

We are the Family of Light

We want you to begin to truly live.

Your Soul must now Awaken.

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