The Materialists are taking over the world.

Analysis of most of what currently passes for human “knowledge” reveals that systems of materialistic philosophy and belief are being imposed by powerful elite minorities as the prevailing and only accepted ways of knowing. They who have become gatekeepers of the human perception of reality.  This “knowledge” has no objectivity, balance, or foundation in broader notions of truth.

Materialistic philosophy was adapted into political ideology and socio-economic theory. It has extended globally over the past 100 years or so.  It now reaches an apex, at the expense and demise of the worthy tradition of the scientific method, and the legacy of history’s great and honourable empiricists,  as science sadly now morphs into a quasi-religion as the second-rate distortion called “scientism”.

Materialism, with its priests and disciples ensure that orthodox scientific theory and belief is held supremely and arrogantly authoritative above all other ways humans could just as legitimately attempt to understand existence.  Children learn in schools still modelled on formal nineteenth century factory systems of discipline, management hierarchies, “class”, and schedule. They learn that certain axiomatic “facts” are “truths”. They learn restricted government endorsed curricula. They are taught early that logic and reason form the only truly valid way of understanding an ‘obviously’ material reality.  Mathematics is useful to a point but tends to be over-emphasised.  It is routinely trotted out as some kind of meaningless description of the universe and everything in it. The needs and requirements of business are taking over in education.  In universities vocational subjects and aptitude is prioritised over general knowledge, of arts, and humanities.  They don’t rate because they don’t turn a profit.  Research grants and funding is competition based and so scientific research itself is restricted and influenced now by money and power.  People generally have come to be indoctrinated to the extent that they can imagine no other possible view point.  They display incredulity at alternatives (which they arrogantly and derisively term “pseudo-science”). They will defend their cherished materialistic paradigms forcefully and often akin to quasi-religious fervour.  They judge that anyone talking about alternative ideas, or criticising the orthodox is not right in the head.  Finally, independent organised sceptics and sceptical societies and organisations have arisen which take it upon themselves to be arbiters of truth – so long as it is scientific, rational and is in accordance to their dominant world views.  An air of dangerous self-righteousness and arrogance pervades in these circles to a worrying level.  Ironically,  it would appear to be the case now that unorthodox thinkers are actively and openly more likely to embody the true spirit of the open-minded truth seeker (scientist), than the iron-clad rigidity of the sceptics and the faithful believers of orthodoxy.

Historically came a systematic attack on spiritualism and the natural human quest for existential understanding and deeper insight into the mystic. It has been implemented through a programmed association of the spiritual and the numinous with false religion and its literal narratives and dogmas.  Ironically aligned with materialism, this false religion has a narrow focus and a hierarchical command structure which creates “followers” and leads people away from freedom of spiritual knowledge and into webs of social coercion and mind control.  This attack was destructive to Christian and other revelations also –  which hold spiritually valid truths and wisdom.

Materialism gained momentum. Throughout the twentieth century the capitalist laissez-faire economic system expanded and began to dominate western nations. Business and management structures (small and large) evolved along traditional compartmental and hierarchical models which had proven to be successful methods of achieving compliance and obedience in workers on wages – and which amounted to exploitation of human beings (now called coldly “Human Resources” in the lingo of the neoliberals).  Government (an elite ruling class) obviously backed this shift into social control and profits, and took on an increasingly tyrannical role under the guise of a caring  and inclusive “democratic process”, with appeals to “nationalism” (fear of the “Other” across the border), and the grand lie of the moral sanctity of the “rule of law”- nothing more than an imaginary justification for tyrannical authority based on the concept of ‘legal fiction’ – essentially bluff, and lies and to extort and control people.  Armed police and allied military forces became distortions of their original public service intention as they began to wilfully follow chains of command directives to enforce obedience to the contrived and manufactured immoral “legislation” being churned by government hacks (not true law).  The people became gradually trapped within virtual prison walls of the systems being imposed upon them.  Most did not and still do not see the system that now enslaves them.  They believed in the good of democracy and had faith in their “leaders”. They had been conned badly by criminals in suits peddling snake oil and policy.

The result now is a world deeply mired in the precepts of materialism. A world where the spiritual connection to the Soul is thoroughly devalued if not ignored completely by people struggling to live in societies which operate solely on materialistic concepts and values.  These civil foundations now include the dubious ideological and practical domination of public policy by corporations, and the extremely rich; the worship of economic rationalism, and economies based on market principles of neoliberal capitalism and globalised corporatism.  Such a basis is violently incompatible with sound ecological values, practices, and requirements, and corrosive to essential human values of love and the desire for meaningful expression and fulfilment of the self and the positive development of community.  Additionally, there is a widespread and growing materialistic disdain for heretics with the audacity to question the ethics of profit and exploitation at all costs,  who hold any radically alternative ideas and paradigms as their truth and as those who dare to question scientific dogma and orthodoxy, and so too those who hold any notions of ‘god’ as a truth in their hearts (often scornfully lumped together as “theists” – god cannot be scientific!).

A dangerously conceited narrow attitude is now on the rise which holds that a material mechanistic scientific investigation is the best way we have of understanding existence, and that it’s knowledge gained is naturally more valid than any other.  With it seems an assumption that science and a material understanding of everything  can ultimately come to know everything about reality and espouse ultimate truths or ‘laws’ of reality,.  So too is an attitude prevalent that opponents to it’s laws and doctrines are basically heretics and lunatics and not to be given credence nor credit.

Dangerous times and time to Awaken.

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