Best ideas huh? Yeah more science hate speech. Shoot me.

Best ideas? Really? Do gods do science? Yes we FEEL a force and you ASSUME it to be a ‘fact’ within the limits of what our senses inform our minds. Notions of objective or ultimate ‘truth’ are not possible logically at this point if ever. How humans then devise metrics for ‘measurement’ is arbitrary and subjective. Mathematics itself could have been base 12 and everything would be described with different math, and the units themselves could have been any other unit agreed upon (eg inches and meters are just made up as agreed). Scientific dating methods are flawed and inaccurate yet you will tell me about the “truth” of this and that period and when dinosaurs became extinct because its a “fact”. Seriously? Even the very thing measured specifically must be somehow identified and agreed upon as a thing worthy of study, funding dollars, and have broad social acceptance within the science community or else fear mockery, ridicule, and no funds forthcoming (and no career after that).

Research departments at universities must seek approval of what authorities deem “acceptable fields of study”. So-called prestigious (read: “conservative”) journals only publish what they decided is “legitimate science”. Arrogantly referred to as “pseudoscience” subjects get shunned because why? Because of arrogant boys club snobbery essentially. All of this process is political, flawed, and highly subjective by default. It is all subject to a consensus of agreement by the powers that be within the field (and outside of it too).

Back to your ASSUMPTION that gravity “attracts” other matter because here on Earth we tend to stick to the ground somehow. Again it is humans (scientists) who have merely favoured a dominant form of peer group consensus agreement that they shall hold up to explain this ‘sticking” and call it the “Force of Gravity” and then subsequently maths-obsessed materialists are writing ‘code’ which they self-righteously BELIEVE actually describes the thing we observe or feel in nature. Nobody can PROVE that gravity is what acts on bodies in space such as stars and planets and galaxies. In fact it appears NOT to be (empirical evidence). Thus we get silliness like “dark matter” (magic stuff we cannot see nor explain) which now allegedly makes up most of the universe because “Gravity retard!”. Ridiculous, and reminds me of the “Big Bang” miraculous conception. It is ALL a made up system of assumption and guesswork, yes some empirical observation and testing, but then always the Grand Indisputable Theory, the Code (equations) which allegedly “prove” the theory – gotta have those numbers and figures because they prove stuff don’t they. In short Horseshit.

The Horseshit is the best baloney we have which seems to fit our observations but does not necessarily represent any actual form of truth about the nature of existence and reality. For example, science cannot describe what “time” is nor what “space” is. No NOT equations! I mean something that gives humans some true insight and a deeper understanding of the spiritual nature of what this experience of reality actually is.

We humans as a species are thus essentially none the wiser but feel clever with all our little best bits of Horseshit and baloney which we convince ourselves describe some little aspects of realty for the time being. It is a system of BELIEF as great as religion. Do not ever presume that with your science you now hold the rights to some objective or ultimate truths …because Science!. Scientists themselves know this. It is only in the general lay community, among over-enthusiastic undergraduates, and the mainstream media, who put too much faith in pop science propaganda and scientism. It’s high priests peddle this false notion of scientific “truth”, namely, Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krause, Brian Cox, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye etc.

It is time to wise up. It’s not about “Flatards” vitriol and hate (expressions of cognitive dissonance) and dogmatic belief. It is about getting back to truth and open minds. I await your hate and vitriol. Some open minded people will read this and actually ponder it and think.

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