Flat Earth and the rise of subversive, revolutionary thought.

Flat Earth and the rise of subversive, revolutionary thought.
People are dismissive of what does not fit their paradigm. Their cherished world-view. That which is “just obvious”. They are too quick and eager to mock the ‘flat earth’ discussion. They have not investigated the deeper issues. They have not thought hard enough. I know many will jump on this statement now before they have even thought about it. Quick incredulous, smug, self-satisfied smirking humans who already know everything. That’s the real problem. Not those who dare to question.
Forget “turtles holding up the disk” type caricatures, get the first wave of disbelief out of your system.
Ponder now on the very fundamental nature of the questions that it asks.
Regardless of your assumed knowledge, the truth is we humans know very little of this the place we find ourselves and that which we call “existence”.
The rise of materialism as a philosophy and it’s domination of western thought has now permeated science and most other fields of human endeavour (economics, education, politics, law, daily life, and “common sense”, and so on). It has produced a modern human being who is either quite simple and ignorant of metaphysical and deeper ideas, or else a kind of human who are ruthless in their unwavering devotion to their masters and the “knowledge” handed to them. This is indoctrination at work. Those so indoctrinated do not ever know it or believe it and assume that everyone else who does not hold their beliefs to be mad or troublemakers of some kind.
It is THIS distortion of human thinking, away from spirit, away from wonder and openness, away from humility and away from love – which fills me with a dread of my fellow beings and the state of the species.
Understand this: this ‘flat earth’ issue has come about for a reason at this time in our history. What is required here and now is a fundamental reassessment and deconstruction of the very pillars of the modern human world and the misguided ways which have produced it and feed it.
Awaken to what may be. Not what you assume. I do not suggest the earth is flat. I say I do not know and am open to what may be. I trust MY mind and MY senses first and place my trust in men and their dogmatic notions secondary and regard with discernment and vigilance.
I think critically and do not run with the herd.
This is what I admire about those who now have the courage to raise questions, and who have scrutinised and now come to disbelieve much of the science which has been handed to us.
If you can do this simple thing you will have made an evolutionary step.
Think hard.

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