A New Era is Coming

There is an emergent phenomena occurring now in the world which remains hidden and far from being acknowledged, less understood. Science does not perceive it nor understand it. Religion equally remains oblivious.
What is coming is new.
The human species is now in the early stages of the 21st Century, and with the advent of global communication (the Internet and ‘social media’ specifically), Human Consciousness is evolving.
A common misconception is that higher consciousness equates to a higher score on the intelligence quotient (IQ) scale. Intelligence is distinct from higher consciousness.
What we are witnessing in the world today is the modern culmination of the threads of human thought into what appears at times to be conversely a decent into an arena of seemingly maddening chaos and bizarre ideas.
Do not fear. What we are witnessing is the battle as a new way of thinking begins to displace the old.
Continue to do your good work, hold faith, believe. Your energy is required. Realise that things must become worse in many respects before they can turn for the better. This is a required transitional phase.
What is emerging is new.
It is us.
Awaken Now.

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