If I ask you what is a house, what is a car, what is a telephone, you will likely answer with confidence and your account will describe the inherent properties of each (as best you understand them), plus a description of their functional reason for being.

If I ask you what is the sky, what is a planet, what is a dream, what is a star, what is water, what is gravity – you will tell me your theory which describes their respective properties (as best you currently understand them). But you will not be able to tell me their functional reason for being.

This is why humans remain in ignorance of existence and are stuck in materialism and enslavement to things. This is the conceit of science – that it understands aspects of reality and that it is on a righteous and true path in a quest to advance humanity.

It is not the case.

True understanding and insight will only come from searching within. Humanity can only advance once consciousness itself transforms from current modes.

Technological innovation in itself is not the solution.

Government, law, political debate, and religion is not the solution.

You must truly Awaken now.

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