I’ll tell you a secret

I’ll tell you a secret.

You exist twice (2 X).

Okay…you actually exist many more times (yes all at the same time), but for the sake of the argument and simplicity, let’s just say twice.

You exist once in the “material” world which is the ‘obvious’ world around which our senses seem to have little trouble detecting. It’s the world we feel mostly that we ‘exist’ in. The word “exist” itself is a loaded concept, but let’s move on for now. You also exist in the “spirit” world, and this is where you really dwell – as a ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’ being -which is what you really are!

So, the way the world is set up by humans is to reinforce this material view we have of everything. In doing this the spirit world and the soul in you are not acknowledged, well not properly or with due respect and insight anyway.

So, rather than me bore you and write a great big book here about the rest of it, I’ll allow you to ponder now on what you think may be going on and where you are within it all.

Namaste, Love Light, and Peace sistars, brothers and assorted cousins.

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