I think it’s the way people are educated and have been for many years, not just schooling directly, but the whole process of socialisation in the West now.
There are waves of new paradigms sweeping across the world now and through this wonder of social media which has become the new and revised civic forum and town square for the people to mix and share ideas – it is where revolutions began – make no mistake (and perhaps begin too).
But this new wave is continually meeting the stick’s-in-the-mud, who, through want of “proof” and “evidence”, and I believe essentially FEAR, will demand the speakers of the new ways to provide some hard fucking evidence every time before they will believe (and still then will rarely bend)
Science and it’s offshoot, “SCIENTISM” has much to answer for as it has instilled in people a false idea that there can be absolutes and final definitions ie “well-known and proven facts”. This is NOT the case and never was. They will look down disdainfully upon anybody questioning “gravity” for example – and all the while not actually fully appreciating what this “gravity” concept really involves. Even now I would put my money down that I’ll have respondents come at me here in relation to my “obvious lack of understanding of how physics works”.
Actually I have a pretty good idea guys and THAT is my issue with it.
Imagine if young children said to their parents, “Look this “walking” thing sounds far-fetched and I think you are using some hidden assistance, I’ll need to see proof..”, or you know, just demanded proof for things that were well, kind of natural and observable around them, like the Earth actually appearing to us as a flat plane…

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