Wondering about Everything

Many will know I’ve been looking into the ‘flat earth’ thing for a while now, and have become a convert to it. Many still have the knee-jerk reaction to it and want to mock and ridicule the very idea. That moniker “flat earth’ is unfortunate and I hate using it. It’s time for a new term. There is no ‘flat earth theory” or new ‘model’ despite what you may see going around. People have simply discovered that NO CURVATURE or movement of Earth through space is actually evident.
But to me it has opened up many interesting aspects to humans and their behaviour. Why can’t people have “crazy ideas” anymore? Why do so many assume they know what’s what? I mean we can agree the sky is blue and seasons change, because we experience it – but the curve of this Earth is never apparent. Many try to argue and ALL the arguments can be proven false. Trust me, I too was a sceptic until I spent a year seriously researching. Then I did some tests of my own. Yes, you too can do it – and you’ll see what all the fuss is about – there really is no curvature to this earth at all.
But the bigger question remains – why do some humans want to assume they are smarter than others and mock and ridicule the brave few who are coming to a new realisation. And they are brave.
There seems to me to be a real danger in this collective thinking that “WE know the Truth” – science and religion have been good at making this way of thinking seem normal. Ask why. See, all of this is about the true Awakening.
Begin to reflect on who tells you what to think. That’s all I’ll say.
I’ve been pondering much on this break and it’s amazing what sky-gazing and beach combing can do for the soul.
Don’t think, wonder again.

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