On the Truth of Our Realm (Earth)

Trouble is, actual observations being done (and I mean REAL empirical science, NOT more math equations) are now uncovering actual evidence that the Earth has no expected curvature as per the standard scientific “globe” model. And it’s not just a bunch of cranks and meth heads from the Flat Earth Society whining about it. In fact quite the opposite.

So, when we have the highest echelon of intelligent independent thinking human beings on Earth now coming to a bold new epiphany revealing the deception of the apparent physical nature of our realm – then we have a major problem. The problem is not so much what shape it is ie “flat” “pear” or whatever, although we do need to embark on a renewed truly empirical investigation into the true nature of Earth – but more importantly at this point, WHY humanity has been systematically lied to and deceived on a scale that beggars belief.

We hold a moral duty to alert the rest of the world population to the discovery and to begin a serious inquisition into why mainstream science has upheld the lies, and indeed ALL other major human institutions which must be complicit in the deception to a greater or lesser extent.

I know to most reasonable people the very idea that Earth may not be a planet in space as they have long envisioned it, comes as a shock and the knee-jerk standard cognitive dissonance reaction to those who have not yet done any research themselves – is inevitably incredulity, mockery, and ridicule. I was one of the biggest sceptics – until I spent a year researching this “crazy” idea. DESPITE what people ASSUME – the fact is all serious researchers are coming to the SAME incredible conclusion – there is NO measurable CURVATURE, and there is NO evidence that Earth moves through space.

Serious investigation reveals a myriad of flaws in the science, math, and logic which has been used to reinforce the very concept of a “globe” Earth. Assumptions about “gravity” are proving to be scientifically unfounded and patently untrue. And the globe IS merely a CONCEPT. We simply do not EVER see or sense curvature of the Earth.

It thus befalls not only the highest echelon of critical thinking intelligent humans to speak out, but they must also be among the most courageous and thick-skinned individuals alive today. Through a process of gradual awakening of the world population the truth will now be made clear and this will trigger the complete shift to the next required phase of human consciousness evolution.

One thought on “On the Truth of Our Realm (Earth)

  1. Flatfreddy February 6, 2019 / 11:40 pm


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