Re. “science offers an option for decision making”


Politics offers an option for decision making. Newton did not discover ‘gravity’, he invented it. It won the race for no good reason – least of all because it could be empirically proven. Science is a myth. It has taken the place of religion and in so doing has become religion. It is potentially more dangerous than traditional religion because it gives its disciples who believe its dogmas even more self-righteous conceited justification than possibly any other form of human thought. Some science has proven useful and has benevolent application, it does not logically follow however, that ALL science is benevolent or even useful or valid. So-call “reasonable steps” of science have been routinely ignored and wangled when the outcome did not suit the preferences of the observers or their employers. Again we risk elevating science falsely to the realm of the gods. Gravity does not exist. It’s presupposition has ruled us all. If we repeal it and therefore all its dependent axioms, what are we left with? I’ll tell you: a shambles. Human knowledge is in utter disarray. Prove Earth radius ‘r’ of spherical trigonometry fame – cannot be done. Ergo ‘r’ is fictional.

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