Latest reports from many reliable sources suggest that this earth is NOT the ball in space we have been led to believe. Actual empirical measurements and observations indicate unequivocally that NO curvature at the officially stated 8 inches per mile squared exists. Critical thinking application of actual physics (as we are taught) suggest that a pressurised atmosphere (earth) simply cannot exist next to a hard vacuum (space) without that atmosphere being immediately drawn off into the vast void. Knowledge of the spacesuits that were utilised in all space missions suggest that they cannot have been real. Cloth suits with stitches cannot operate in a hard vacuum as they would inflate hard like a car tire and probably explode. There are so many more anomalies surrounding the whole notion of “space”, “gravity”, and fallacious science – that it is impossible for me to go into here. Of course the faithful will persist with bemused incredulity as they are loath to let go of their cherished beliefs and world view.

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