on the Awakening.

Let me just say this once: it is not I who hold or make outrageous claims. The Earth looks and feels obviously flat. It is you and others who have been hypnotized into a firm belief that you live on a ball hurtling through some unknown place called “space”. This would be the unsubstantiated and wildly implausible strangeness that people want to persist in believing and use math formulation and other non scientific assumptions to attempt some haphazard justification.

As I say, I’m now done breaking the news and no longer wish to either suffer endless mocking and derision from humans of ignorance, nor feel that I must become defensive. The claim being made on my part is simply that scientific knowledge of Earth is flawed, false, anomalous, deceptive, and currently wrong. This message now vibrates through humanity as the ‘flat Earth’ Awakening. It comes now for a very specific reason. It is not a destination. It is not a claim of a new model. It is based on real observation and real science.

It is in this sceptical critical deconstruction of the orthodox, a true scientific challenge to human belief. Do not attack the messengers. Do not make demands of them in your self-righteous indignation. Stop yourself at your instinctive reflexive desire to mock and ridicule the new information. Instead, be quiet. Contemplate deeply in true self awareness. Do your own investigation and research as we have as we have also journeyed to arrive at our new and revolutionary standpoint. We do not seek to proselyize or convert you. We however, will not ever tolerate being instantly put down, quietened, or dismissed in condemnation and condescension. We are the Awakening.

We hope you will join us.


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  1. Flatfreddy March 1, 2019 / 1:54 am


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