It will shake your world

I have observed it and measured it empirically, and thought deeply upon it, and looked again, contemplated the vast expanse of ocean I scan near my home. I have seen the lies of NASA, and the mockery that was the Moon landing. I have considered real science and the laws of physics and come to understand that “space” as we are told cannot be real. That a pressurised atmosphere cannot possibly exist adjacent to the hard vacuum of space without being immediately and violently drawn off into the vast void. This is the second law of thermodynamics.
I have considered the reality of cloth stitched spacesuits again in an extreme vacuum of space. Laws of physics governing gas pressures states that such a spacesuit would be deadly to the wearer and in reality would expand hard like a car tire and then likely explode. I have considered such things as the evening crepuscular Sun rays which I see stream down in the sky above me and which always converge to a point like a beacon or a street light in the fog, indicating that empirically, the Sun must be relatively small and local and not the stated “93 million” miles away. If that were true then we would see parallel sun rays of enormous size span the sky.
I have considered such things as atmospheric effects and the well-known concept of vanishing-point perspective and the effect of angular resolution on human sight and how that perfectly explains ships seeming to disappear “over the horizon”, and even the apparent sun “rise” and “set” as the sun and Moon simply travel away across a vast plane and beyond sight or our ability to detect their light (this can be demonstrated in physical experiment). You see, this “flat Earth” thing (for want of a better name) is not some “psy-op” or “discordian” parlour game. Not even a philosophical stunt by some nerds with no life.
It IS in fact an audacious and very serious and very real intellectual and empirical challenge to what has now been identified as faulty, flawed, and apparently wrong science, presumption and assumption. We have simply been taught the Earth is a globe. Face it, you cannot in all seriousness tell me that you have personally EVER seen this “curve” of Earth. It cannot be seen from passenger aircraft and that is supported by mainstream science. It cannot be measured empirically and never has (true, seek if you will), it is asserted by mathematical models – which cannot and do not prove reality. It is presumed to be curved in ALL so-called “evidence” and argument in support of a sphere earth.
Try it – I dare you. Find something you think is hard evidence. We all started as sceptics – trust me I was one of the biggest. I tried to debunk it. After a year I could not. Then I had my epiphany. I could not find this curve of Earth because it does not exist. I urge you to resist the reflexive response to want to argue and become a self righteous defender of something of which you really only assume and assert without true foundation. Look more deeply into it. You clearly have not looked deeply yet. When we are truly awakened and truly aware of the grand deceptions, we all begin to truly see.
It will shake you to your core, and you will never look upon this world the same way.

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