Any concept of a pressurised gas existing adjacent to a hard vacuum is going to run into problems logically within the principles of the second law of thermodynamics which forbids this happening – unless a barrier or container separates and contains that gas. This precludes even the notion of a ‘pressure gradient’ existing without a barrier against the hard vacuum. Logically and in physics, the earth cannot hold a pressurised gaseous atmosphere even with gravity as the atmosphere would have long ago been instantly and violently ripped away to the depths of the vast void we are supposedly surrounded by. Of course the science fan boys cannot pull themselves away from gravity for five seconds to understand this anomaly and it conveniently gets glossed over (like most other aspects of “gravity” – like that fact that it’s just a mathematical formulation of fall rate on Earth and never been empirically or scientifically proven as a cause of this falling effect we see).

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