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I do get a lot of questions about this as you may imagine. yes it’s to be expected but it still becomes tiring. it’s the way people come endlessly expecting me to answer this or that question – which I have most likely already answered somewhere in the last few weeks about 20 times at length. With all respect your assertion: “I don’t think you are taking into account just how big the earth is supposed to be.” is an assumption worded in a way which presumes I am an idiot. Of course I have considered such things. I have done numerous observations and I know the math. I KNOW how big the earth is supposed to be ok. next, “if it Is flat how do u suppose that the air doesn’t just blow off of the edge.” is a simplistic question which shows you come to me with NO research. would you go to a professor of physics and ask that? No. But you assume to ask me a silly question. IT presumes some “edge”, it presumes that air WOULD “blow off of this hypothetical edge” and it is nonsense. YOU seem to have no problem with a ball earth flying around a “solar system” holding onto an atmosphere while spinning in UNISON with that atmosphere as if it were Velcro’d to the ground, and air which has pressure held by “gravity” ( magical all pervasive force or curved “space-time” fantasy of Einsteinian math) against the EXTREME vacuum of space. ALL whilst the earth goes around the Sun and the Sun “orbits” the “galaxy” whilst the galaxy hurtles at breakneck speed toward a “Great Attractor” somewhere in the endless void. YOU have exactly NO direct evidence of ANY of that yet you BELIEVE it all because it was taught and reinforced by pop science on TV and text books. YOU have been hypnotised into believing that ALL of that garbage is self-evidently TRUE because “Math” and “smart dudes” from academia said so (“priests” of scientism). Now reconsider in this context, how I may view your simplistic questions which force me to enter into a reformed physics lesson and critique of the state of modern science.and its failings. There is no room for simple replies to sceptical enquirers. I DID 18 months of hard research and (on-going) as a citizen scientists (yes we can be scientists), and I looked deeply into the claims these highly intelligent “flat Earthers” were making and I did my own measurements and observations and so I arrived at a point of seriously questioning my own beliefs – and yes it was a painful moment. At NO time did I feel I had to confront flat earthers or propose simplistic questions.

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