in reply (from Facebook discussion)

I will say that “gravity” remains an unproven (scientifically and empirically) mathematical model which predicts fall-rate of objects on earth. It was invented by Isaac Newton (not “discovered”), and it was subsequently tweaked and expanded upon by Einstein. This revision was and remains extremely flawed and problematic. Nevertheless it was quickly adopted by an eager academia keen to forge careers and gain prestige. To restate it: “gravity” is not real. it’s a big one. We need to let the penny drop. People will fight me endlessly on this one point alone. Why? Because EVERYTHING else in astronomy and cosmology is built upon the assumption (axiom) of “Gravity”. Things FALL. On Earth. To infer from this that 1. “planets” are formed spherical is presumptive of spheres 2. To infer from this that the Sun and Moon are spheres is presumptive of spheres. 3. To infer that Stars are formed by this is presumptive of spheres. 4 ALL of this presumes that “Gravity” IS a force. 5. It has NOT been scientifically or empirically PROVEN as a ‘force’ as defined in physics. 6. Einstein realised the problem and invented a cunning ruse: “space-time curvature” and made this a function of you guessed it, “Gravity” (Big ‘G’ now). 7. Critical thinking analysis requests a definition within empirical physics principles of exactly HOW “nothing” (ie ‘space’) can ‘CURVE” (crickets chirp). 8. “dark matter”, “dark energy” black holes” and other exotic stuff: UNICORNS and FANTASY and nonsense. 9. NO mechanism of action has EVER been detected or demonstrated by empirical experiment to prove HOW this “Gravity” fantasy achieved what is claimed. 10. ‘LIGO’ and the infamous Cavendish Experiment have widely been debunked by serious scientists as NON scientific claims to have demonstrated some causational machinery of “Gravity” – they did NOT. (flawed and deceptive science). Your statement “the earth is an irregular surface body that is neither flat nor spherical but unique to the conditions that gave it birth” presumes that the Earth has some form created by “Gravity” or otherwise is essentially meaningless (respectfully). Serious flat earth researchers do NOT push this “flat” idea and it is a terrible moniker we are stuck with. The claim being made is THAT: the widespread and orthodox assumption of a spherical earth in orbit around a massive and distant Sun appears, under scrutiny, and scientific analysis, to be flawed and faulty science and we are asking for further valid and acceptable evidence OR a reappraisal of where we stand and an entirely NEW truly scientific and empirical investigation into exactly WHAT this realm may actually be (NOT math and “theory” based dogma). Personally the whole phenomena of this strikes a sense of dread and awe in me beyond belief – and simultaneously filling my mind with wonder at what this world really is – if we have been lied to about the “ball in space” science fiction narratives. I know it still seems preposterous and completely the work of mad men. Forgive us our enquiring sceptical minds and come with us. Open minds and hearts, and the wonder of children. What is this place? Who are WE? Where are we? What is this life?

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