What is true anymore?

We do not actually know what this Earth-realm truly is. We have been systematically lied to. True-believers in the authority-taught-reality will argue and defend what they have assumed to be true. Science is a “method!” – they will cry in defence of their semi-religious beliefs. It is “peer-reviewed!” they squawk as if that adds validity to their belief system. But the “math is PROOF!” they plead as if numerical abstraction defines reality. They speak in circular reasoning and logical fallacies.

In truth, some applied principles of science are indeed worthy and have led to useful technology and other benevolent ends for humanity. But it does not follow that ALL “scientific knowledge” is true or worthy. Nonsensical mathematics have long-since replaced true empirical scientific understandings. Marketing jargon has replaced actual knowledge of truth and worth. Then there is the “big pharma’ phenomenon and the hijacking of chemistry for profit. It’s endless. We face a massive task now to unpick the webs of lies and to gain a mass understanding and support of the people of the world.

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