How to get people to believe in anything

Teach it at college and make it “mathematical”, and “expert” (seems legit then).  Make them learn your narratives and scripts. You can have them believing in “Space-time”, “Foreign Relations”, “History”, “Plate Tectonics”, “Evolution”, “Space”, “Astrophysics”, “Economics”, and MORE!

You can bet if you put it on TV and in the “News” they’ll take it hook, line, and sinker. Repeat it a lot and have heads in suits on “panels” talk with jargon – that helps a lot.

Use some good old-fashioned psychological tricks and you’ll have them performing like Pavlov’s dogs.

You can even make them become shills and trolls on social media defending your silly stories and calling everyone else “morons” and “retards” and telling them to “learn science idiot” They like it because “math is hard” and “experts” seem cool. Plus they learned it good in school and they joined groups who all agreed with each other.

Belief – It’s an ego thing.


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