Earth and Truth

Seriously, stop fighting it and research it. I know it seems completely ludicrous. The Earth is obviously a globe …right? Think again. Remember we all came to this by trying to debunk it. IF we are intellectually honest at every step – it cannot be debunked.

The Earth simply is NOT what we have been taught. Of course it opens a can of worms. It is absolutely fascinating on so many levels – from human systems of belief, to psychology, sociology, group think, the dogma of modern science, the issue of ‘scientism’, the role of authority in indoctrinated education, human predisposition to tradition of cultural myth – without serious question or investigation, the reification of mathematics and model over actual empirical observed and experienced reality, the modern belief in mathematics as a basis for understanding reality, the very notion of “Gravity” itself as a foundation for modern heliocentric cosmology and the mathematical fictions of “black holes”, “dark matter”, etc, and indeed, the question of career-driven and corporate-funded academia with it’s biases and paradigm preferences and investment in the orthodox consensus opinion (as opposed to the truth of reality). Plus more.

I implore you to begin a serious investigation of this fascinating new revelation. It cannot be debunked – IF we are completely self-aware of our own biases and we can be 100% intellectually honest. It scares people, they mock, they ridicule, they assume superiority, they assert vague “model”, “science”, “mathematical formulation”, and “evidence” which amounts to nonsense under serious scrutiny. They conflate real and existing technology with assertions of abstract science and assume all science to be well-founded and true (an expression of scientism). They confuse the globe model with empirical reality. They lose sight of the fact that the “globe” only ever WAS A MODEL.

IF you still think you can write this off and you still just want to go on assuming it’s stupid and unfounded – that is fine. Nobody is trying to convert you. I have come to see “flat earth” as a major new revelation of truth at this juncture in our history. There is much hubris and over-confident belief in man’s science and knowledge base. This is the shake-up it needed. ALL the arguments you think will easily refute this are full of holes – I’ll tell you now in all honesty. BUT don’t just believe me – that is the important point here. Investigate. This is not so much about the shape of our Earth, but an awakening of consciousness and a revelation of truth. We do not propose any alternate model at this stage as that would be premature and risk becoming simply another belief system as the globe has been for 500 years.

We live in a fascinating time where we are coming to the realisation that we have been misled about our very realm. We must begin a new era of open-minded real empirical research and investigation. A revision of human understanding is called for. So ingrained is the science fiction myth of “space” that we have a mountain of indoctrinated belief to deconstruct and the wall of popular widespread incredulity and reflexive ridicule is formidable. These facts alone are testament to the depths of ingrained popular belief in the globe model. Remember – it is just a globe MODEL that gives us the notion of our Earth. Forget the fake NASA composite images (look into this), and “satellites” (a fictional invention of Arthur C. Clarke) – likely a system of high altitude weather balloons.

Please investigate. Look past the controlled opposition all over the Internet, the infamous “Flat Earth Society” is not real nor representative of the serious researchers now investigating. Take a serious look, are you not curious? How much do you believe in what you think is true? Investigate – I dare you.

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