in conversation (from my Facebook page)

“Thanks John, yes it’s not a matter of “flat” vs. “sphere”. Anomalies and inconsistencies have been discovered in the current orthodox “globe” consensus model, and it seems we must revise our fundamental concept of what this Earth really is. It seems so crazy to most people – I am acutely aware of this. It fascinates me on many levels as a long-time student of human behaviour via both a psychological and sociological lens. This new and crazy topic just rips everything apart and opens a new chapter in human understanding. Few yet realise the significance of it. Most still laugh it off and mock the very idea. They have not thought deeply enough about it yet. They have not been willing to get past their incredulity, their reflex to laugh and mock, or their cherished and ingrained beliefs in what they assume is “settled science”. It is always refreshing and encouraging to have other thinkers alongside who do ‘get’ the ramifications and implications of this important topic. It is a matter of truth.”