what it’s not

“…Yes. To remain neutral is generally good. But it is also needless at times when truth is the path – always in other words. If I am presented with a nonsensical excuse with no evidence, on the one hand, and actual empirical research and evidence on the other hand, I know which way I will lean. “Globe” theory is complete nonsense with no evidence AT ALL. I am suspicious of ‘concave theory’. It seems equally unfounded. In truth, I am sceptical of ALL theories. Again people fall into erroneous old ways of attempts to cobble ad-hoc models and then reify them into some semblance of reality. I reject them all. A long period of reassessment and purity of wonder is required. A new phase for human consciousness. I may not know what things are (and this is perfectly valid) – but I can with discernment, vigilance, and critical thought – determine what they are not. Peace.”

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